To my 20 year old self:
"Whatever it is you want to do, write it down. Go somewhere you can focus right now and write it down. Because it's about planting that seed. It's about persistence. If you take one step, then you can easily take two or three."
To my 22 year old self:
"Things change so much over time. If you think you're gonna do something forever, be flexible. Don't be too locked in. Just be really creative with job opportunities and always stay open minded. What you're able to do is more important than what your degree certificate says."
To my 18 year old self:
"Try your hand at volunteer work to get you going. I've found that those willing to work for nothing, are more likely to work for something."
To my 16 year old self:
"Adolescence is a time that people tend to be pretty focused inward, which is a normal developmental piece, but it's helpful to be involved in something that's bigger than yourself. Something that expands your horizon and your community."
To my 15 year old self:
"Look at the most successful people you can think of and take those first one or two steps."
To my 23 year old self:
"Try your hand at volunteer work to get you going. If you can work for nothing, then you can work for something."
Vinny, 33
To my 18 y.o. self: "Work on establishing a hobby. Something you can do day in and day out that makes you smile."
Francie, 24
To my 14 y.o. self: "Lots are gonna change. Stick with drawing. You get good...damn good. And people pay you to be damn good at anything. Oh, also hug dad 1000x."
Hazel, 30
To my 19 y.o. self: "You're torn. Grad school or art school? Grad school, good choice. You've got a shot to make it big. Plus, look at your hair in 11 years. Looks like it wasn't mutually exclusive, you've still got an art side."
Jak, 24
To my 15 y.o. self: "Stay in school. I know that sounds cliched and obvious but there's real pressure to do otherwise. Also keep at the school work for yourself, not cause you have to but because you want to...need to...cause you're not willing to be a statistic."
Angie, 27
To my 18 y.o. self: "You're awkward Ang. But no worries, the kinks work themselves out. Except for the sidewalk cracks, you still can't navigate those worth sh*%!"
Bryson, 30
To my 19 y.o. self: "30 comes quick. But it's not like you think. You're still sharpening your tools. There's plenty of time left."
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