Megan, Kay, Laura, 18
To us at 14 y.o.: "Don't be afraid to try things in high school. There's so much to do. If you're a drama freak, then be the best drama freak there is. Who cares what people say. Friendships have a funny way of sticking together and finding one another when times are good or bad."
Sabrina, 24
To my 13 y.o. self: "Read a book, kid. Life tends to follow a path more similar to characters in books instead of tv or movies."
Jak, 24
To my 15 y.o. self: "Stay in school. I know that sounds cliched and obvious but there's real pressure to do otherwise, especially here in Baltimore. Also keep at the school work for yourself, not cause you have to but because you want to...need to...cause you're not willing to be a statistic."
Hazel, 30
To my 19 y.o. self: "You're torn. Grad school or art school? Grad school, good choice. You've got a shot to make it big. Plus, look at your hair in 11 years. Looks like it wasn't mutually exclusive, you've still got an art side."
Francie, 24
To my 14 y.o. self: "Lots are gonna change. Stick with drawing. You get good...damn good. And people pay you to be damn good at anything. Oh, also hug dad 1000x."
Vinny, 33
To my 18 y.o. self: "You're just coming up. Don't get ahead of yourself. But also do, because that's how you break out."
Angie, 27
To my 18 y.o. self: "You're awkward Ang. But no worries, the kinks work themselves out. Except for the sidewalk cracks, you still can't navigate those worth sh*%!"
Bruce, 36
To my 16 y.o. self: "Before you back up Uncle P's car, look behind you."
Bryson, 30
To my 19 y.o. self: "30 comes quick. But it's not like you think. You're still sharpening your tools. There's plenty of time left."
Nick, 24
To my 19 y.o. self: "Put yourself in uncomfortable positions. It's the only way to grow as a person. When you look back later, whether it be a week, a month, a year, or ten years, you'll be most proud of those moments."
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